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Music Composer, Performer, Songwriter, Producer




Antonio Celotto is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and filmmaker. His Italian roots can often be heard in the classical guitar riffs peppering his compositions, though his versatile style includes influences from rock, jazz, flamenco and cinematic orchestration. Having financed his filmmaking studies in Paris through the sales of his successful jazz/electronic fusion project, Aiguille (Italy, 2006), Antonio has a strong core in scoring films. His sound is acoustically rich, rhythmic, infused with fast arpeggios and often a journey through modulations.


In addition, he specializes in mixing electronic sounds and orchestral music to create diverse tracks that resonate as familiar. 


His dynamic style has been showcased at the likes of Ronnie Scott, the O2 Islington, and SoFar Sounds through projects such as Flying Tailor, Background Telly and Nàca. Antonio also composes meditation and ambient music with a focus on the cymatics and physics of sound. 


Antonio knows how important is the vision of a director for a film and, whatever the project, his work ethics are focused to manifest it through his 30 years musical experience.

String quintet recording session
Studio 11 recording session
string recording sessions
Recording at Lightship 95
Flying Tailor Live, London
Strings for "Shades of Dayspent" by Nàca
9 years old
Nàca Live at Makossa club, Dalston
String session in Islington, London
Flying Tailor Live at Islington Assembly Hall
8 years old end of the year concert (playing El Vito)
Nàca Live
Flying Tailor performing at Sofar ('The Tempest')
Scoring software
Antonio Playing for Flying Tailor
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Blog: Underrated

“The rich and absolutely hypnotic soundscape of the piece presented a really gripping and mesmerizing listening experience, greatly complemented by the stellar music video presentation”

Blog: Liquid Sounds

"I really enjoy the atmosphere that this track creates. The beat is perfectly intense and has a mysterious feel to it that I really like. Moreover, the added vocals are very smooth and the production is dope. […] This is amazing!"

Blog: Riccardo Pietri

"What you create guys is really unique and epic. I have never listened something like this before. […] you’re really creative artists"

Blog: Vincent McDowell

"This is really cool! Great work, I loved the attention to detail and the incorporation of the strings […]  I personally really appreciated this great piece of art! :)"

InsightTimer stream: "I did feel the music in my belly, but I saw blue, green, and purple. And actually, now that I’m assessing my practice, I did see gold and felt my face and heart lift to the sky [...]. I feel so clean after this. I feel stronger."

cinematic cues06.jpg


Antonio is based in London

+44 7775 345 283

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